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Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier

Although it’s more of a “costume appreciation” book for a general audience than the in-depth costume analyses and sewing tutorials here on the STCG, it’s still an enjoyable, informative read with some amazing photos. 

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Fantastic research and sewing tutorials for TOS-era uniforms!

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  1. Hi, I saw this and thought you might be interested. It's not my auction and I can't vouch for it.

  2. Do you plan to draft tos era uniform patterns? or do you only do patterns from screen used uniforms you get your hands on?

    • I appreciate the interest, but my current pattern queue is almost exclusively uniforms (Starfleet and eventually Bajorans). The only projects I have planned outside of those are perhaps some Ferengi patterns, particularly for one or more of Quark's costumes.

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