Tailors Gone Wild Beginner Sewing Course!

Many years ago, I began learning how to sew on my own, through lots of trial-and-error (mostly error) and constantly looking up how to do this and that online. Aside from the fact that back then most Internet videos were only 360p, I bounced around a lot – inadvertently learning some advanced sewing techniques while remaining clueless about more basic …

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Engineering Radiation Suit – Sewing/DIY Tutorial

My movie-era engineering radiation suit sewing/DIY tutorial is now available, both here on the blog for online viewing and as a free PDF download! Engineering Radiation Suit Sewing/DIY Tutorial You can download my free engineering radiation suit sewing/DIY tutorial PDF here. Engineering Radiation Suit Sewing/DIY Tutorial – Free PDF Download More new sewing/costuming resources are coming soon. I suggest subscribing …

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Engineering Radiation Suit Budgeting Tips

As a supplement to my engineering radiation suit tutorial, I wanted to offer some tips for keeping your costume budget under control while making one of these elaborate costumes. Nearly all the required materials and supplies for this costume are fairly inexpensive, but the sheer number of them has a cumulative “snowball effect” on the project expenses. This is really …

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Free Engineering Radiation Suit Pattern!

As you’re probably aware, I recently had the privilege of studying a screen-used engineering radiation suit, courtesy of Ray Minarcik. In addition to thoroughly documenting the costume’s dimensions and construction, I actually extrapolated a sewing pattern from it, using a technique I learned from a book called 101 Sewing Secrets from the Singer Sewing Reference Library. Order this book on …

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Screen-used TWOK-era Engineering Radiation Suit Examination

Among the many brilliant costume designs by Robert Fletcher were the movie-era engineering radiation suits, primarily worn by Scotty, his engineering crew, engineering trainees, and the anonymous assassins in The Undiscovered Country. These incredibly detailed costumes gave a genuine sense of realism to the engineering crews of the future, and they contributed to the overall visual richness of the movies …

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Movie-era Engineering Radiation Suit Sewing Patterns!

I recently had the opportunity to study a screen-used engineering radiation suit (courtesy of Ray Minarcik), and in doing so I developed a whole new appreciation for these amazing costumes. I’ll be posting all about my detailed costume examination (and corresponding research) soon, but I’m also excited to announce two new Tailors Gone Wild sewing patterns – men’s and women’s …

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