TNG jumpsuits for sale!

I recently made a bunch of TNG jumpsuits for pattern demonstration/tutorial purposes, but with that accomplished I’d like to see them go to happy new homes. πŸ™‚ Click here to view Etsy listings They’re a variety of styles, colors, and sizes; specific measurements and details are in each individual listing. Every jumpsuit includes a pair of replica shoulder pads to …

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Why My New TNG Jumpsuit Patterns Are Better

Many people have asked how my new TNG jumpsuit patterns are different from the old ones, what’s better about these new ones, etc. so I made a quick video mentioning some of the improvements: Watch on YouTube I wound up mostly describing cool details on the original costumes (haha), so even if you’re not interested in the new patterns …

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TNG Jumpsuit – Sewing Tutorial!

My new TNG jumpsuit sewing tutorial is now available here on the blog! TNG Jumpsuit Sewing Tutorial This detailed sewing tutorial was reverse-engineered directly from multiple screen-used TNG jumpsuits I studied and will be posting all about here soon. πŸ™‚ NOTE THAT THIS NEW TUTORIAL IS SPECIFICALLY INTENDED FOR USE WITH MY NEW TNG JUMPSUIT SEWING PATTERNS, RELEASED EARLY 2023. …

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Men’s TNG Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern!

My new men’s TNG jumpsuit pattern is now available from Tailors Gone Wild! This all-new pattern is FAR superior to the previous version (available from β€œBad Wolf Costumes” circa 2017-2022). Don’t get me wrong; my old TNG jumpsuit patterns went together fine, looked the part, and people seemed very happy with them. But this time, I’ve patterned directly off two …

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Women’s TNG Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern!

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to study multiple screen-used TNG jumpsuits, which I’ll be posting all about soon – but first, I’m excited to announce newΒ Tailors Gone WildΒ  sewing patterns! The first is a new women’s TNG jumpsuit pattern. This all-new pattern is FAR superior to the previous version (available from β€œBad Wolf Costumes” circa 2017-2022). …

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Tailors Gone Wild – Beginner Sewing Course!

Many years ago, I began learning how to sew on my own, through lots of trial-and-error (mostly error) and constantly looking up how to do this and that online. Aside from the fact that back then most Internet videos were only 360p, I bounced around a lot – inadvertently learning some advanced sewing techniques while remaining clueless about more basic …

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