TNG Skant – Costume Analysis

Preliminary Notes

Welcome to the OCD costume analysis of the TNG-era Starfleet uniform skant!

I primarily researched and analyzed this costume for my Tailors Gone Wild TNG skant sewing patterns, which as you’ll see, I drafted to be as faithful to the original costumes as possible. (The women’s version was actually patterned directly off a screen-used skant.) 

However, I’m happy to share my research and findings with you, in the form of this free analysis.


I want to thank CBS for the magnificent Star Trek: The Next Generation series on Blu-Ray – for our purposes here, giving us a wonderful look at the costumes in remastered HD.

I also want to thank TrekCore for their abundant visual references, especially their libraries of HD screencaps and publicity photos.

Special thanks to Steve Barnes for the opportunity to examine an original, screen-used TNG skant, and to “Stasiuwong” for kindly sharing reference photos of his screen-used men’s TNG skant.

I’d also like to thank Jörg Hillebrand for bringing several skant appearances to my attention that I’d missed in my original costume analysis.

I want to especially thank my Ko-Fi supporters for helping me be able to produce sewing/costuming resources like this analysis, and share them online for everyone interested in Star Trek costumes.

If you enjoy this costume analysis, please support my costume research on Ko-Fi. 🙂

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