TNG Medical Smock – Costume Analysis

Preliminary Notes

Welcome to the OCD costume analysis of the TNG-era Starfleet medical smock, as worn exclusively by the character of Dr. Pulaski during The Next Generation’s second season!

I primarily researched and analyzed this uniform for my Tailors Gone Wild TNG medical smock sewing pattern, which as you’ll see, I drafted to be as faithful to the original costumes as possible.

However, I’m happy to share my research and findings with you, in the form of this free analysis.


I want to thank CBS for the magnificent Star Trek: The Next Generation series on Blu-Ray – for our purposes here, giving us a wonderful look at the costumes in remastered HD.

I also want to thank TrekCore for their abundant visual references, especially their libraries of HD screencaps and publicity photos.

Special thanks to Angelo Cifaldi for the opportunity to examine a screen-used Dr. Pulaski medical smock and share my research here – a wonderful contribution to the Star Trek costuming community.

I want to especially thank my Ko-Fi supporters for helping me be able to produce sewing/costuming resources like this analysis, and share them online for everyone interested in Star Trek costumes.

If you enjoy this costume analysis, please support my costume research on Ko-Fi. 🙂

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