TNG Jumpsuit Tutorial – Pattern Notes


Here are the sizing charts for my Tailors Gone Wild TNG jumpsuit patterns.

NOTE: These jumpsuits should ideally be skin-tight around the shoulders and torso, so my (Tailors Gone Wild) patterns include NO wearing ease in those areas except to allow for the shoulder pads. The sleeves and pant legs do include a slight amount of ease.

On the printed patterns, the sizes above correspond to the following cutting lines:

If you’d like some help interpreting all the pattern information and learn some different methods for cutting out your fabric, you may find this free sewing lesson helpful. 🙂


A1 – Collar

A2 – “Yesterday’s Enterprise” collar


B1 – Upper front yoke (seasons 1-2)

B2 – Lower front yoke (seasons 1-2)

B3 – Front yoke (seasons 3-7)


C1 – Upper back yoke (seasons 1-2)

C2 – Lower back yoke (seasons 1-2)

C3 – Back yoke (seasons 3-7)


D1 – Upper right front (front-zipping versions)

D2 – Upper left front (front-zipping versions)

D3 – Upper front (back-zipping versions)


E – Right side front

F – Left side front


G1 – Upper back (front-zipping versions)

G2 – Upper right back (back-zipping versions)

G3 – Upper left back (back-zipping versions)


H – Right side back

I – Left side back

J1 – Lower right front (front-zipping versions)

J2 – Lower left front (front-zipping versions)

J3 – Lower front (back-zipping versions)


K – Right front pant leg

L – Left front pant leg

M – Right back pant leg

N – Left back pant leg


O – Front sleeve

P – Back sleeve

Q – “Yesterday’s Enterprise” sleeve cuff


R – Neckline/yoke trim

S – Lower front pant facing

T1 – Lower pant leg trim (season 1)

T2 – Lower pant leg trim (season 2)


U1 – Shoulder pad (women’s version 1)

U2 – Shoulder pad (women’s version 2)

U – Shoulder pad (men’s version)

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