TNG Admiral Uniform (season 1) Analysis – Conclusion

With this version of the Starfleet admiral uniform, William Ware Theiss completed his TNG-era uniform family.

Even though these admiral uniforms were only seen in a mere three episodes and their design actually changed between appearances, they certainly made a strong impression.

As often the case with Theiss’ TNG-era costume designs, these admiral uniforms are neither universally loved or universally hated by fans, but there are many with strong feelings on both sides.

Whether you think these admiral uniforms are brilliant, wacky, campy, hilarious, ugly, or anything in-between, I think most fans would agree that these uniforms are anything but boring.

For better or worse, this initial style of admiral uniform was never seen again after The Next Generation’s first season; although season two costume designer Durinda Rice Wood wasn’t allowed to change the standard Starfleet uniforms, she did replace Theiss’ admiral uniform design with her own.

And of course, the Starfleet admiral uniforms would continue to change every few years over the remainder of the TNG-era … but while subsequent admiral uniform designs generally only bore superficial resemblance to Theiss’ initial design, they did adhere to the uniform paradigm he established. 

Congratulations on finishing my analysis of the TNG season 1 admiral jackets!

I know, after that massive info-dump, you probably feel like this:

TNG admiral uniform (season 1) analysis - Star Trek Costume Guide

But don’t worry!

I accounted for all the relevant construction details in my Tailors Gone Wild TNG season 1 admiral sewing pattern, and my TNG season 1 admiral sewing tutorial is thorough enough to help you to construct a fantastic replica of your own. 🙂

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