1. Id like to make one of the blue 2 piece TMP uniforms. Theres a few cosplay companies offering them, but their color is more grey than slate blue. Theres some great 3d prints of the belt biosensor available. And the delta patches are still available.

  2. This site is amazing! Your dedication to examining these costumes is to be admired. I really thankful. I've just finished going over all of your content and I'm really looking forward to (1) your monster maroon uniform and (2) you being able to assemble a TMP uniform guide.

    THANKS! -- James

  3. This poster claims the colour is Dapple Grey: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/starfleet1701st/pantone-color-matching-from-goldfinger-s-screen-us-t2582.html

    Though it doesn't look as blue as a slate-blue.

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