TNG Skant Analysis – Additional Observations

Considering both the complexity of William Ware Theiss’ TNG-era uniform designs and the sheer number of them that had to be made for the show, it’s not surprising that there were quite a few minor errors and imperfections in the show.

As I mentioned in my TNG jumpsuit analysis, a common imperfection early in The Next Generation’s first season was the yoke not aligning properly at the center front, such as on this Counselor Troi uniform:

TNG skant analysis - Star Trek Costume Guide
TNG, 1x1 "Encounter at Farpoint"

In fact, this caused an amusing continuity error during the pilot’s climax …

Counselor Troi’s uniform details changed, depending on the angle of the coverage.

For the shots when she was facing away from the view screen, her uniform’s yoke properly aligned at the center front, but for the shots when she was facing the opposite direction (toward the view screen), she was wearing an entirely different skant – the one with a yoke that didn’t properly align at the center front.

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