TNG Skant Analysis – Preface and Overview


Although the early TNG uniform “skant” was almost exclusively seen during The Next Generation‘s first season, it remains a popular garment today.

Rather than quietly fading into the obscure annals of TV costuming history, the TNG skant has probably become more popular over the years!

While perhaps not as iconic as other TNG-era uniforms like the TNG jumpsuit or TNG two-piece (jacket + trousers), it’s still instantly identifiable as a TNG-era uniform, as well as a popular choice for cosplayers; one is likely to spot several (others?) at practically any major sci-fi convention.

The fandom’s enduring fascination with this costume may be rooted in the psychological as well as the aesthetic, but this costume wasn’t only unique in its statement; its actual, physical construction was … well, bizarre.

Costume designer William Ware Theiss had a singular design style, and regardless of one’s opinion of his work on The Next Generation, I believe his out-of-the-box thinking and general creativity are worthy of great respect.

Now, let’s take a good look at the TNG skants!

Data Sherlock studying


Here’s an overview of the TNG-era uniform skant:

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