TNG Medical Smock Analysis – Conclusion

Dr. Pulaski’s uniform seems to have been a continual work-in-progress by costume designer Durinda Rice Wood, at least until the fifth version worn for the second half (or so) of the season.

Unfortunately, actress Diana Muldaur doesn’t seem to have ever been satisfied with her costume.

In The Next Generation’s season two Blu-Ray special feature, “Making it So – Continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation, Part 2” she remarked with a laugh, “My costume was horrendous! It was. It had something in the back that always flounced out so it looked like I had perpetual, uh, spinal, whatever-it-is. And we never got it right.”

TNG medical smock analysis - Star Trek Costume Guide
TNG, season 2 Blu-Ray special feature, “Making it So – Continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation, part 2”

Nor does Durinda Rice Wood seem to have been happy with the creative limitations of her situation; she’s stated on multiple occasions that she wanted to change the Starfleet uniforms but wasn’t allowed to. She’s also mentioned that while she was proud of the costumes they produced, she was disappointed with how little they were actually seen in the show.

Neither Muldaur or Wood returned for The Next Generation’s third season.

Nevertheless, the character of Dr. Pulaski remains a significant part – and season two an important chapter of – The Next Generation.

Durinda Rice Wood’s costume designs would continue to be prominently seen throughout the remainder of the show; she also introduced Counselor Troi’s “dark plum” casual jumpsuit and established the template for Guinan’s wardrobe.

Indeed, the influence of her costuming choices would be observed for the remainder of the franchise itself; she also introduced the red “surgical scrubs” (also seen multiple times on Deep Space Nine), designed the first Borg costumes, and changed the admiral rank insignia to the rectangular bars – to name just a few of her contributions.

But Dr. Pulaski’s uniform remains unique both to the character, and the entirety of the Star Trek franchise.

Congratulations on finishing my analysis of Dr. Pulaski’s uniform variants!

I know, after that massive info-dump, you probably feel like this:

TNG medical smock analysis - Star Trek Costume Guide

But don’t worry!

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