1. Is there a way to access the tng two piece uniform analysis at this time, or should i wait for the updated one?

    • The TNG jacket/trousers resources are coming soon - hopefully in the next few months.

      First I will be updating and re-uploading the older TNG resources, and then I have several screen-used TNG jumpsuit examinations to post about.

      The TNG jacket/trousers will probably be next in the queue. I've had the opportunity to study two screen-used TNG jackets (Commander Riker and Lieutenant Barclay) and am looking forward to sharing all I learned from them.

      Those costume analyses and sewing tutorials will hopefully be worth the wait. 🙂

    • Jumbo spandex was used for the jumpsuits, skants, season 1 admiral uniforms, early formal uniforms, at least one Dr. Pulaski uniform, and season 2 admiral trousers.

      Wool gabardine was used for the jackets, trousers, and admiral uniforms from season 3 onward, as well as at least one Dr. Pulaski uniform and the later formal uniforms.

      While anyone is obviously free to use whatever they like for their own costumes, personally I wouldn't interchange the two since ("accuracy" aside), they fit and drape in different ways.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I'm on the bigger side and not sure spandex is the way to go. In any case, I will likely wait until you release the pattern for the jacket/trousers. Thanks again.

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