1. Is there a way to access the tng two piece uniform analysis at this time, or should i wait for the updated one?

    • The TNG jacket/trousers resources are coming soon - hopefully in the next few months.

      First I will be updating and re-uploading the older TNG resources, and then I have several screen-used TNG jumpsuit examinations to post about.

      The TNG jacket/trousers will probably be next in the queue. I've had the opportunity to study two screen-used TNG jackets (Commander Riker and Lieutenant Barclay) and am looking forward to sharing all I learned from them.

      Those costume analyses and sewing tutorials will hopefully be worth the wait. 🙂

    • Jumbo spandex was used for the jumpsuits, skants, season 1 admiral uniforms, early formal uniforms, at least one Dr. Pulaski uniform, and season 2 admiral trousers.

      Wool gabardine was used for the jackets, trousers, and admiral uniforms from season 3 onward, as well as at least one Dr. Pulaski uniform and the later formal uniforms.

      While anyone is obviously free to use whatever they like for their own costumes, personally I wouldn't interchange the two since ("accuracy" aside), they fit and drape in different ways.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I'm on the bigger side and not sure spandex is the way to go. In any case, I will likely wait until you release the pattern for the jacket/trousers. Thanks again.

        • Grace, I purchased the pattern from Alex for the Season 1 Admiral, in actuality I have purchased all of Alex's Star Trek patterns he had on his web site BadWolfCostumes.com, I have made,(personally sewn by me), 11 so far. When I started I had zero sewing experience. I watched my wife use a sewing machine and followed Alex's instructions, I have also purchased some books and watched dozens of tutorials on YouTube. Back to the Admiral season 1 jacket. I used super spandex for the black and I used Joann's Sew Classics Bengaline Suiting Fabric, Content: 81% Polyester, 15% Rayon & 4% Spandex, for the red. The secret is a very good walking foot for your sewing machine. Here is a photo on Facebook of me wearing it. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10163558964010646&set=pob.100007781894969

          • TNG Admiral, thanks for the info. The FB link didn't work, so I can't see the finished product, but I'm sure it looks amazing. Also, kudos to you for teaching yourself a new skill. I haven't purchased any patterns yet. I've been sewing since I was small and have quite a bit of experience with sewing, pattern-making, and tailoring. My intent was to alter the jumpsuit into a jacket and pants, but it appears the pattern was designed for a knit, and not a woven fabric as I would prefer to use. The drape and fit wont be what I need without more customization to the existing pattern than I'm willing to do. Since OCD is coming out with a jacket/pant pattern, I will just wait for that. Thanks. 🙂

  2. I have been asked to make the TNG Skant for my son. I have been sewing forever. Why in the world did they make it so difficult by adding the sort of shorts to the skant? It would have been soooo much easier to make the outfit with an invisible zipper down the back and make a pair of shorts to wear under the skant. If my son wants it authentic, I will dive in, and attempt it, silently, grumbling.

    • Haha, I know what you mean. I'm no costume designer, but I would've probably made it a proper "skort" with full (basic) shorts attached underneath. But we know Theiss was a brilliant madman who apparently loved asymmetry, so ... 🙂

      - Alex

  3. Hi Alex,
    I'm making a 1st mock-up of the TNG skant for myself, and I'm stuck at the step where the front vent is sewn down. I simply cannot figure out this step and I'm a long-time sewist. The photo on pg.32 is not making sense to me. I can't tell where the zipper is, nor can I figure out how to orient things to get it in alignment with the picture. Do you have any more photos that break this step into smaller more detailed segments? Thanks!

    • It is an unusual construction. The current tutorial is my best effort to demonstrate the process, although I am considering making a video walkthrough of these and few other uniforms, depending on interest. In the meantime I do hope it clicks into place for you. 🙂

      - Alex

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