TNG Skant – Sewing Tutorial

Preliminary Notes

Welcome to the OCD sewing tutorial for the TNG-era Starfleet uniform skant!

This tutorial is primarily intended for use with the Tailors Gone Wild (formerly Bad Wolf Costumes) TNG skant sewing patterns.

This project requires moderate to advanced sewing/tailoring skills and supplies; if you’re a beginner or novice sewer, I recommend practicing the techniques described in this tutorial to sharpen your skills beforehand.

And if you want to level up your sewing game, check out my Sewing Wizard Training!

I also highly recommend doing a muslin test (or two, or three), both to help determine any relevant sizing/fitting information and/or necessary alterations, and to help familiarize yourself with the construction process.

(If you’d like to learn more about the TNG skants, check out my corresponding costume analysis.)


I’d like to thank Steve Barnes for the opportunity to examine (and pattern directly off of) a screen-used TNG skant, and “Stasiuwong” for kindly sharing reference photos of his screen-used men’s TNG skant.

I also want to thank my Ko-Fi supporters for helping me be able to produce sewing/costuming resources like this tutorial and share them online.

If you enjoy this sewing tutorial, please support my costume research on Ko-Fi. 🙂

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  1. Hello,

    Does this pattern have seam and ham allowance included or not? I saw on tutorials for other patterns that it is emphasised, but not on this one. Thanks!

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