TNG Medical Smock Tutorial – Pattern Notes


Here’s the sizing chart for my Tailors Gone Wild TNG medical smock pattern.

NOTE: Dr. Pulaski’s medical smocks didn’t appear to be as form-fitting as the other early TNG-era uniforms, so my (Tailors Gone Wild) patterns do include a bit of wearing ease.

Version 1 has approximately 1” of ease around the bust and 2” around the waist.

Versions 2-4 have approximately 1” of ease around both the chest and waist (just like my TNG skant patterns).

Version 5 has approximately 1” of ease around the bust and 3” around the waist.

(The above chart indicates the wearer’s measurements, so add the aforementioned wearing ease to those numbers for the finished garment measurements.)

On the printed pattern, the sizes above correspond to the following cutting lines:

If you’d like some help interpreting all the pattern information and learn some different methods for cutting out your fabric, you may find this free sewing lesson helpful. 🙂



A – Upper front yoke

B – Lower front yoke

C – Upper back yoke

D – Lower back yoke

E – Neckline trim

F – Front yoke piping

G – Back yoke piping

H – Shoulder pad

I – Panty attachment


1A – upper front

1B – waistband

1C – lower front

1D – back

1E – side insert

1F – front sleeve

1G – back sleeve

1H – pocket bag

1I – pocket welt/facing


2A – center front

2B – side front

2C – side back

2D – center back

2E – front sleeve

2F – back sleeve


3A – center front

3B – side front

3C – side back

3D – center back

3E – front sleeve

3F – back sleeve

NOTE: All pattern pieces include ½” seam allowance, unless otherwise noted.

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, determined your sizing, and chosen your uniform style(s), it’s time to actually start making your TNG medical smock!

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial i am making a dress with this pattern in class for my final major work and this is so helpfull!!

  2. Hello,
    I love your patterns and tutorials. Question I have for the TNG medical smock. The version 5 has a larger ease in the waist area do to being designed to work with a woven fabric. Would there be an issue using the scuba knit with this pattern? I need the larger ease in the awaist measurment. Thank you

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