Year 2022

Free Engineering Radiation Suit Pattern!

Free engineering radiation suit pattern download - Star Trek Costume Guide

As you’re probably aware, I recently had the privilege of studying a screen-used engineering radiation suit, courtesy of Ray Minarcik. In addition to thoroughly documenting the costume’s dimensions and construction, I actually extrapolated a sewing pattern from it, using a…

Free TNG Medical Smock Pattern!

Free TNG medical smock pattern download - Star Trek Costume Guide

As you’ve probably seen from my TNG medical smock analysis and detailed costume examination, I got a lot of mileage out of the screen-used Dr. Pulaski uniform I examined recently, courtesy of Angelo Cifaldi. In addition to thoroughly documenting the…

TNG Medical Smock – Costume Analysis

TNG medical smock analysis - Star Trek Costume Guide

The Next Generation’s second season introduced some new recurring characters, including Guinan, Chief O’Brien, and (of course) Dr. Pulaski, whose costumes we’ll be examining in this analysis. Season two also incorporated some new talent behind-the-scenes, including costume designer Durinda Rice…