Movie-era Engineering Radiation Suit Sewing Patterns!

I recently had the opportunity to study a screen-used engineering radiation suit (courtesy of Ray Minarcik), and in doing so I developed a whole new appreciation for these amazing costumes.

I’ll be posting all about my detailed costume examination (and corresponding research) soon, but I’m also excited to announce two new Tailors Gone Wild sewing patterns – men’s and women’s engineering radiation suits!

The men’s pattern was (of course) patterned directly off the screen-used costume.

The women’s pattern was based on that and adjusted accordingly. (As I’ll be elaborating soon, some of the detailing was different on the women’s version.)

Both patterns include the jumpsuit (with all its custom attachments), separate collar, and accents for modifying existing gloves and boots.

I’ve also included options for TMP and trainee versions.

These patterns can also be used to make the more obscure orange costume variants.

All versions are included in ten sizes (men’s sizes 34-52 and women’s sizes 6-24).

Both patterns are available as physical, printed patterns as well as digital pattern downloads on the Tailors Gone Wild web site.

I’ll be posting a corresponding sewing/DIY tutorial for this costume here soon but wanted to go ahead and make the patterns available for anyone interested. 🙂

As always, I suggest subscribing to my “Costume Guide” newsletter (if you haven’t already) for updates!

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  1. Love these radiation suits. Great work. I have been gathering the materials to make one of these. Look forward to checking out you pattern. Awesome.

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