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TNG jumpsuits for sale!

TNG jumpsuits for sale 1

I recently made a bunch of TNG jumpsuits for pattern demonstration/tutorial purposes, but with that accomplished I’d like to see them go to happy new homes. 🙂 Click here to view Etsy listings They’re a variety of styles, colors, and…

TNG Jumpsuit – Sewing Tutorial!

TNG jumpsuit sewing tutorial - Star Trek Costume Guide

My new TNG jumpsuit sewing tutorial is now available here on the blog! TNG Jumpsuit Sewing Tutorial This detailed sewing tutorial was reverse-engineered directly from multiple screen-used TNG jumpsuits I studied and will be posting all about here soon. 🙂…

Free Engineering Radiation Suit Pattern!

Free engineering radiation suit pattern download - Star Trek Costume Guide

As you’re probably aware, I recently had the privilege of studying a screen-used engineering radiation suit, courtesy of Ray Minarcik. In addition to thoroughly documenting the costume’s dimensions and construction, I actually extrapolated a sewing pattern from it, using a…