TNG Medical Smock – Costume Analysis

The Next Generation’s second season introduced some new recurring characters, including Guinan, Chief O’Brien, and (of course) Dr. Pulaski, whose costumes we’ll be examining in this analysis.

Season two also incorporated some new talent behind-the-scenes, including costume designer Durinda Rice Wood as the successor to William Ware Theiss.

Durinda Rice Wood - Star Trek Costume Guide

In this updated analysis, we’ll be taking a look at the Wood’s uniform designs that were worn exclusively by the character of Dr. Pulaski.

Did you know that she wore not one, but seven (!) different versions of the uniform over the course of the season? Or that despite looking blue in the show, the uniform color was actually teal?

This updated analysis is also available as a free PDF download.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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