The TNG-era Uniform Paradigm

As an additional preface to my updated TNG costuming resources, I thought it would be interesting to discuss the broader paradigm of the TNG-era uniforms, as conceived and established by William Ware Theiss. With today’s relatively wide cultural awareness of TNG – decades after its original televised run and numerous spinoffs later – I think there’s much we might now …

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“The Lost Era” Uniform Timeline

As a preface to my updated TNG costuming resources and my upcoming TWOK-era uniform projects, I thought it would be neat to examine what we know of the “The Lost Era” uniform timeline, from the TOS-era movies to TNG. I’ll be discussing the evolution of the TWOK-era uniforms in my upcoming TWOK-era costume analyses, so for now I’ll only be …

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Star Trek Costume Guide 2.0

Sorry my blog has been out of commission the past couple weeks! I transferred the domain to another registrar, then my web developer helped me move from Blogger to WordPress for better presentation and functionality. Unfortunately, most of the actual blog content didn’t transfer, and most of what did was mangled so badly as to be unusable. That means I’ll …

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