Women’s TNG Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern!

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to study multiple screen-used TNG jumpsuits, which I’ll be posting all about soon – but first, I’m excited to announce new Tailors Gone Wild  sewing patterns!

The first is a new women’s TNG jumpsuit pattern.

This all-new pattern is FAR superior to the previous version (available from “Bad Wolf Costumes” circa 2017-2022).

Don’t get me wrong; my old TNG jumpsuit patterns went together fine, looked the part, and people seemed very happy with them.

But this time, I’ve patterned directly off multiple screen-used TNG jumpsuits, including two “hero” jumpsuits for Beverly Crusher and Tasha Yar.

Like the previous (Bad Wolf Costumes) pattern, this new version includes FOUR jumpsuit styles:

  • Early version (primarily seen in the first two seasons)
  • Front-zipping later version
  • Back-zipping “hero” version
  • “Yesterday’s Enterprise” alternate timeline variant

The pattern features authentic body paneling, asymmetrical seam contours, custom shoulder padding, and overall proportions.

All versions are included in women’s sizes 6-24.

This new sewing pattern is available as a physical, printed pattern as well as a digital pattern download on the Tailors Gone Wild web site.

I’ll hopefully be listing the men’s TNG jumpsuit pattern next week and posting a detailed sewing tutorial for this uniform here soon. 🙂

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  1. I am Awestruck by these new uniforms, they look like you took them off the set!, Amazing Work, I can't wait for the Men's version.

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